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Proofreading services

HNPI provides express proofreading services within 5-7 days. We delivered support for all kinds of editing services. Native English speakers will help you for grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency + all necessary editing.

Get your document checked by our professional proofreaders and avoid getting embarrassed by a typo.

Types of documents we proofread (all subjects in sciences, business and arts)

  1. Research articles
  2. Reviews
  3. Thesis
  4. Grant proposals
  5. Cover letters
  6. Books

Our Professional Proofreaders

HNPI's language editors are experts: they are all native English-speaking PhDs from the United States or the UK. They have excellent communication skills, and they undergo extensive training and have frequent performance reviews to meet our exacting requirements. All our managing editors have a scientific background and have published work.


Our price is 0.01 USD per word/ BDT 0.85 per word

Please email your document at and mention what type of services you need

e.g. Subject: Proofreading, Subject: Plagiarism detection.  


 Plagiarism Check Service

When you submit a manuscript to any reputable journal, it will be scrutinized for plagiarised content. Plagiarism, intentional or otherwise, is viewed as a violation of ethics and, if detected in your paper, leads to automatic rejection. Besides, plagiarism can tarnish your reputation and credibility as an author.To avoid such situations, HNPI's Plagiarism Check service helps you identify areas in your manuscript that might be flagged as plagiarism.See the source image

Currently, we are using turnitin for Plagiarism detection.


  • Our price for any article is USD 20.00 up to 10,000 words/ BDT 1600.00
  • For a full thesis USD 50.00/ BDT 4000.00 

​​​​​​​Please email your document at and mention what type of services you need e.g. Subject: Proofreading, Subject: Plagiarism detection.