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H&N Publications International

H&N Publications International (HNPI) is dedicated to publishing scholarly research journals and books in English and believes in sharing of new scientific knowledge in the field of Natural sciences, Biology, Medicine, Agriculture, Social Science, Business, Economics and Education all over the world. All our publications are available in online platform that concurrently belongs to many Societies, Universities and Research Institutes.

Unique attributes include the following:

  • Fast-track peer-reviewed by international experts.
  • Fast publication and continuous publications.
  • Open access for facilitating higher number of citations
  • Covered by renowned abstracting and indexing services.

HNPI publishes original scientific research articles, review papers, short communications and books. We anticipate that our rapid production service will allow top-end research to reach its audiences even sooner.

What is the author’s right and what are our responsibilities?

As an author at HNPI, your rights will be protected and ensured that any and all legal information and copyright regulations are addressed.

Access and Archiving Policies

HNPI journals are indexed with international database and ensure free access to both full text and PDF and always for free.

Author retention of copyright and liberal reuse rights via Creative Commons Attribution License (CC by 4.0)